CGC Youth

CGC Youth

CGC Campus club was found by Nabia Majeed at the University of Calgary in 2010.

The club serves to aid and introduce developmental and humanitarian projects throughout the world, i.e. fundraising for health related projects, beginning with the building of a charitable hospital in Kashmir. CGC-Campus Chapter works in collaboration with the Canadian Global Care Society in supporting local charities such as the Alberta Children’s hospital. The interfaith Food bank and the Mustard Seed.

The purpose of the CGC Campus club:

  1. To foster awareness about specific international developmental and humanitarian projects.
  2. To make partnerships with both local and international youth organizations focused on developmental work, as well as other campus clubs with overlapping interests;
  3. To support the parent organizations in their efforts  for specific developmental and humanitarian projects globally;
  4. To provide opportunities for youth to actively contribute their time for volunteering.
  5. To engage in academic discussion and research on health projects.
  6. To be a unifying voice on campus  about ongoing health crises around the world, and brain storm ideas to actively contribute to make a difference in world affairs.

Youth Coordinator : Ahsan Majeed

Past Presidents of the U of C Club:

  • Shayan Najib
  • Hamza Riaz
  • Zarukh Baig
  • Harris Malik


Membership is currently open to any student at the University of Calgary or Mount Royal University. A valid membership shall be recognized for the term September to August. Membership is free for students. If you are student and would like to start a CGC chapter please contact the Youth Coordinator –

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